How can one get involved in PEN Myanmar?

Membership Application

Any writer with at least one publication can apply for the membership. This includes publication by any publically available media platform, print or digital, that is managed by an editorial group.

Authors of poems, short stories, long stories, novels, essays, articles, plays, biographies, and translations as well as editors and publishers, living either in Myanmar or outside the country, are eligible to apply for membership.

Writers in any ethnic language whose publication is not in Burmese are eligible to apply for membership.

The decision of the Board of Directors on any application is final.

Opportunities and Responsibilities of Membership

A member of PEN Myanmar is automatically a member of PEN International and is entitled to participate in any initiative of PEN Myanmar as well as collaborations with other PEN centers. Members will be informed of all PEN Myanmar activities and expected to participate in the center’s activities celebrating literature and defending free expression.

Explanation of Membership

PEN Myanmar is one of the autonomous centers of PEN International. It is free and independent organization and does not represent all writers in Myanmar or writers from other organizations. All members have joined PEN Myanmar freely and independently.

Types of Membership

  • Honorary Members are those who are members as a result of being honored by PEN International for their efforts.
  • Members are those whose application has been accepted by PEN Myanmar by agreement of the Board of Directors.
  • Guest Members are readers, students and other people who are not writers but are interested in the center’s vision and programs. They have a right to vote in the election of the organization’s officers at the Annual General Conference but cannot be candidates. In all other regards, they have an equal rights to participate in all center activities.

A member who is taking a leading role in another organization or is a member of the Board of Directors of another organization cannot be a candidate for election to the PEN Myanmar Board of Directors.